To Napoli and home

We left Maratea at 9:10 and travelled through some seriously long tunnels. At Campagna Est we put in €30 fuel (17.66l) and had espressi before entering the autostrade at 11.40 (€2.10). The area is so built up now that we are closer to Napoli. At 12.00 we took the exit for Napoli and drove around before parking at Garage Angliono at 12:40. (If you are going to the historical centre, try and find Ecumano parking).


Our first stop was for espressi at Antica Caffeteria Bar Maria and then we made a bee line for L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

Not for us

This time with Google Maps it was easy to find. But the queue was worse so we walked straight past and into the historical centre.

We bought two pizzas to share, one from Bell e Kaur pizza and the other fun Antica Pizzeria. I can recommend the latter, as well sfogliatelle from Sfogliate.

Tucked into a residential courtyard

Dave had a traditional one and I had nociole e mondorle. Even though we ate our pizzas while walking around we decided to eat out sfogliatelle while standing in the courtyard and while we were doing so, the owner came to chat to us. Once we were done we continued our exploration ending up at Mura Greche.

Mura Greche

From there we went to Gay Odin which has been in existence since 1894! Dave had pistacchio as usual and I went for a double scoop – one of cioccolato zenzero and the other, foresta. The ginger was so good!

Centro storico

We had our final espressi at Lunema and then went to collect the car. It took them 10 minutes of car ballet to get our car out. We left Napoli at 14:50 and got back onto the autostrade at Napoli Bird at 15:15. From there to about 30km outside of Roma there are very few houses. We fuelled up at Frescati Nord (€40 and 23.5l) and then exited the autostrade at a cost of €14.70. We had planned on doing some last minute shopping but that didn’t work out. So all we did was drive to the closest garage we could find to the airport, which was not the closest! There is one close to the long term parking which I should have saved in the Garmin as we always battle near Fiumicino. We topped up using €20 in coins and arrived at the airport at 18:30. Check in opened at 19:45 so we stood in the queue waiting for quite some time. But from there it was easy sailing through security and passport control. We went booze shopping and arrived in the lounge at 20:35. We had a fantastic dinner which was a good thing as the rest of our meals were dismal.

Arrividerci Italia

Dave had one bite of his fish on the flight to Addis Abbaba and I had pasta. We both ate our cheese and biscuits but left the rest. The B777 200LR flight left Roma at 23:30 and I can’t understand why they feed you a meal at this time, and then a pastry just before landing. We got into Addis Abbaba at 04:48 there time and once again I was ill. This time so violently my throat was sore. We boarded on time for our flight but spent close to 2 hours on the plane waiting for the technicians to sort out the in flight entertainment. We left at 9:16 (8:16 SA time) and the next meal we got was a snack. No coffee but you could get wine! We were served lunch, still no coffee and then when the coffee service came around we were ignored. Not happy campers in row 27! We landed at 15:22 and 30 minutes later we had gone through passport control, collected our luggage and cleared customs. Thank you to everyone who has followed along and liked these posts. We had a super holiday xx


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