Finally some sun

Work needed a lot of attention this morning and we were not done until 11:00. As the wind had stopped and the sun was shining I suggested we go to the beach. We caught the bus down at 11:15 and did absolutely nothing other than lie

Seriously salty water

down, eat watermelon and swim. We caught the 12:45 bus back up to the resort and bought bread from the mini market. After lunch and book reading we headed down to the pool. It was cool and cloudy but still perfect weather for gelato. Limone for Dave and caffĂ© for me. We had our prosecci early, and said goodbye to the staff, who’ve been amazing. Then back to the apartment to start packing, eat bruschetta and play backgammon. Dave made dinner of all the left over ingredients and then we played another round of backgammon before heading off to bed. Given how high up we are – 430m above sea level and everything we did today was up and down walking I’m not surprised we covered 7795 steps – 4.1q.1km.

Our last sunset in Maratea

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