Driving around Maratea

At 9:35 we left the apartment just as it started raining. Our first stop was for petrol and not being certain if the self service gave change we went to the serviced pump. Petrol costs more if someone puts it in for you! Dave put in €20 (about 11 litres) and we headed for the supermarket. After doing our grocery shopping we missioned to find parking in the old city of Maratea. Once we accomplished that we had espressi at Bar La Calonna and walked around.

Centro storico

It was drizzling on and off and rained a bit during our drive to Trecchina and the rione Castello.

A ruin at the top of a road

In Trecchina we had espressi at Tostini Caffé and then drove to Lido Maritino for our picnic lunch.

Our view at lunch time

Our drive for the afternoon took us through Porto di Maratea, Massa and Brefaro before we decided to go and see the Statua del Cristo Redentore.

The arm spread is 19m!

Due to the condition of the road you cannot take your car up to the statue.

View from the taxi

We parked in the secure parking (€5) and then used the taxi service to get up there (€2). It was totally worth it.

The view from the top

The statue was built from 1963 to 1965 and is amazing. With the most stunning views on offer from the top. Before heading back down we had espressi at Luciana Botteghe. We got back to the apartment at 16:00 and relaxed for an our before going to the pool, having gelato (chocolate with Irish cream), swimming and reading. We ended our afternoon with prosecci before heading back to the apartment for supper. We walked 7820 steps and 4.07km.


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