Monday in Palermo

There is a small hotel across from us and I’m sure they were baking bread first thing this morning. It was that aroma that woke me at 06:30. I got up half and hour later and made coffee. We had a lazy morning, only leaving the apartment at 09:25. Our first stop was Caffé Morettino on Via Bari for espressi. We then walked through Le Vucciria to Chiesa di San Cataldo.

Le Vucciria

From there we went through Piazza Ponticello to buy eggs in Ballaro market. €1 for 4 duck eggs. Our mid morning snack was arancine from Friggitoria (€1). We headed back to Quarto Canti and walked up Via Vittorio Emanuele. There is an art installation made of burlap bags, filled with sand. Each bag has the name of someone killed by the Mafia. La Spirale della Vita, the spiral of life.

A stark memorial

At I Cucci we had a cannolo di Piana deli Albanesi Grande (€3) to share with espressi.

Sicilian treat

We continued up the road to the Cattederale Palermo which is massive.

Just a part of the Cathedral

Across the way is a park with a newly laid memorial to the Priest gunned down by the Mafia 25 years ago.

Part of The Pope’s visit?

We ambled through Mercato delle Pulci, a small street filled with junk shops and back to the Cathedral. Escaping the heat we went into Don Gelato for granita. Dave had limone and I had gelsi (€6). The taste of mulberries taking me back to my childhood. We then went shopping for lunch and came back to the apartment at 12:45. At 14:15 we caught bus 806 from Piazza Don Sturzo to Mondello. We walked on the beach, had a swim and went for a drink at Roxy.


Two Peroni Chill Lemon cost us €6 and it’s the perfect spot as it’s close to the bus stop! At 16:30 we caught the sardine packed bus back to Palermo. It’s a 25 minute ride and I could not believe how many people tried to get on. After shopping for supper we went back to the apartment to change and start packing. At 18:00 we walked down to Barrel 44 for beers and crisps (€5) and then back to enjoy our last night here. Dave made a clean out the fridge pasta and we finished off the last of the gorgonzola before heading to bed. 17 701 steps, 9.34km walked.


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