The laziest Sunday

Dave and I are always on the go, so to have a lazy day is something unusual. We woke up, had breakfast and showered and walked to the pool.

The large swimming pool

We had espressi and read books and then came back to the apartment. We had lunch, followed the bike racing on live timing and then went to the beach. We chose spiaga Nero which has black basalt stones for the sand. I didn’t take my phone with me so Google to see what it looks like. I read, we swam and then came back to the resort for gelato. We both had nocciola sitting under the umbrellas. Don’t try that at a beach in Italy unless you are willing to fork out €10. After a swim and a bit more sun we went to the restaurant for prosecco. Then back to the apartment to watch the bike racing and eat supper.

The view from our apartment

Despite it being a lazy day we walked 8131 steps and covered 4.38km. This is due to the steepness of the resort and walking down a serious flight of stairs to the beach.


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