A lazy day

Our plan was to do as little as possible today. We went down to the restaurant for espressi and to work after a late breakfast. At 11.00 we drove to the fish shop to see what they had. There was nothing there that took Dave’s fancy. At the bakery we bought bread, eggs and cream which is all we needed. We then went back into Maratea and luckily found parking in the free section.

Yummy pastries

At Bar Avigliano we had a bocconotto crema e amarena treat to share with our espressi. We were waiting for the restaurants to open at lunch time to read the menus. To occupy our time we bought something from the pastry shop. Once we had read the menus we came back to the resort and had lunch. A little bit of reading for me and computer stuff for Dave and then we went to the beach.

Lido Maccaro

The wind finally started dieing down and the beach was really pleasant. We came back to the resort, stopping for espressi before coming back to the apartment. At 19:00 we drove back into the historical centre, found parking and walked to La Perla. We made a reservation and walked around Maratea. It is so different at night.

Maratea by night

Dinner was amazing and we had a fantastic meal and really good service. We went back to Bar Avigliano for dessert. Upon recommendation I had bocconotto gelato and Dave chose cioccolato. Lazy days result in more steps – 9005 and km walked – 4.51 than days spent in the car!


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