Coast and mountains

With an orange warning for wind we decided to spend the day in the car. We went down to the restaurant for coffee at 9:10 and took care of work and then headed out at 10:05 towards Sapri.

Clinging to the edge of the mountain

We put in another €20 fuel (12.2l) and then stopped at Universal Caffé for espressi in San Giovanni a Puri. From there we drove to Caselle in Pritari and had lunch in the Marina.

View at lunch

After that we drove into Parco Nazionale del Cilento a Vallo di Diano. I needed a nature break but after seeing a long black snake cross the road I waited for an open bar rather than the open ground. In Casaletto Spartano the Osteria was open and we had our espressi sitting down.

Stunning villages everywhere

We then drove through Lagonegro and at Tortino we were 791m above sea level.

How are these villages?

In Maratea we went for gelato at La Caffeteria. Dave had pistacchio and I had marrons glacés as there are chestnuts all over the show here. I think this is my new flavour. We went back to the apartment and after a bit of catching up with work we went to the restaurant for our evening prosecci. Our worst step count so far, 5864, which resulted in us walking only 3.04km.

The view from the resort

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