Palermo on a Sunday

So, having an apartment looking over outdoor restaurants is not great if you need quiet to sleep. The revellers were still at it at 22:00 and at 02:00 there was a child crying and I could have joined it. Eventually it was dead quiet and when I woke up just after 05:00 I knew I had to get more sleep. We eventually woke up for coffee at 08:30! We left the apartment at 10:20 and our first stop was for espressi at coffee and chocolate which is just up the road from where we are staying. Their price is €2 which is to be expected. We are starting in an area with all the fancy stores and walked along the main road to Teatro Massimo and then to Mandamento Montepietà.

Mandamento Montepietà

We are in the historic centre of Palermo headed towards quattro canti, which has a fountain on each corner.

One of thw fountains

The next fountain is Fontane di Pretoria. It was built in Florence and has 48 statues surrounding it. In this sense the word Pretoria has to do with eagles and nothing with South Africa.

part of the Fontane di Pretoria

The Piazza Pretoria also contains the Palazzo delle aquile which looks to have been modernised over the original stone work.

Recovered al fresco
Second al fresco

Across the road is the Chiesa di San Giuseppe dea Teatini, an opulent expression of the Church’s wealth. We then headed for Mercato di Ballaro which is a bustling hub of fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, tripe, olives and more.

Fresh squid

We bought some olives and a zucchini and attempted to buy some grapes but the stall holder just gave them to Dave. Parts of the old wall still exist and we walked through Porta Sant’Agata which was built in the 13th century.

Porta Sant’Agata

At Piazza Bellini we sat down at Antica Pizzeria Bellini for prosecco. These were €8 without snacks. After this it was time to shop. We bought ciabatta at Spinnato and then went to get the rest of what we need from the Carrefour. We came back to the apartment at 13:45 to eat lunch and follow the Formula 1 race via the timing. Siesta time ended at 16:30 and we headed out at 17:10. The first stop was La Preferita for gelato. Nutella for Dave and caffé for me (€4). We then went to Politeama where the bus should have dropped us. We were in Piazza Ruggero Settimo where we stopped the last time we were in Palermo.

Teatro Politeama

From there we walked to the Nespresso store. The limited edition in Italy is Palermo so I could not resist. We wandered around and eventually sat down for prosecco at Antiruggine di Giovanni d’alia in Piazetta Francesco Bagnasco. For €10 we got crisps to go with our drinks.

Piazetta Francesco Bagnasco

We then went back to the apartment, arriving at 19:00. Wine tonight is from the same estate, Cantine Paolini. The varietal Dave chose is Nero D’avola. Dave made salsiccia with zucchini and a fungi sauce for supper. While he cooked we snacked on the olives. We ended our evening with Sicilian limoncello. Bed time was a respectable 21:00. 14 131 steps and 7.51km for the day.


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